RStudio Conference 2020

Key Note

J.J. Allaire

RStudio becomes Public B Corp.

J.J. Allaire’s favorite book Fooled by Randomness

Google AI PAIR team
Fernanda Viegas, Martin Wattenberg

Debug your data first, not your program!

Visualization, Hello World Image data set has faulty annotations.
Validate your data set!!

High dimensionality, MNIST data set PCA clustering.

Fairness, Different views of points can be visualized. People can understand it.

Andrew Mangan, Salesforce

Analytics using R

Mine Cetinkaya-Rundelm, RStudio

Shiny contest, open codes

Joe Cheng, RStudio

Styling Shiny with Sass and Bootstrap 4
Bootstrap 4 is default Shiny frame. Bootstrap 4 supports Sass which is a meta-program for CSS. {bootstraplib} makes easy to use Sass in R environment.

Carson Sievert, RStudio

Reproducible Shiny, Download tab, {shinymeta}

Aymen Waqar

Building a native iPad dashboard

Ana Alyeska Santos, Braulio Cuandon, Biosense Webster, Inc.

Reproducible Engineering Test Reports

Justin Juskewitch, Mayo Clinic
Transfusion platelet selection and match for patient and documentation automation

Alicia Schep, Outlier AI

She moved R from Python. {vlBuildr} API develop Altair and Vega-Lite

Tyson Barrett

List-columns in data.table

data.table can easily convert list-columns

Lightning Talk

Mexican election prediction

Rebecca Barter Becoming an R Blogger

Other sessions, not check-in

@fellgernon kindly tweeted me.

And he left some inspiring post.

Jun Kang
Clinical Assistant Professor of Hospital Pathology

My research interests include pathology, oncology and statistics.