RStudio Conference 2020

Key Note J.J. Allaire RStudio becomes Public B Corp. J.J. Allaire’s favorite book Fooled by Randomness RStudio has restructured as a 'benefit corporation,' legally allowing it to consider the needs of its users and the #rstats community and not just its shareholders, JJ Allaire announced just now at #rstudioconf #rstudioconf2020 — Sharon Machlis (@sharon000) January 29, 2020 #Rstudio evolution #rstudioconf2020 — 1LittleCoder💻 (@1littlecoder) January 29, 2020 Google AI PAIR team

NGS interpretation database and search

An NGS pathology report contains an interpretation section to describe the clinical interpretation of the found genomic variants of the patient’s cancer sample. The interpretation is different from each variant and each cancer type or the other clinical factors. The pathologists describe the interpretation and archive those in certain methods including tables like excel. I make a shinyapp to archive the interpretations to a database and search them.